Friday, 4 March 2011

I have a dream.....

I have a dream... and that is to build a full warhammer 40k Chaos daemon army on the cheap and all plastic, with enough units and options to customize my army to face any opponent. If you have stumbled upon this blog then for you over the coming months is (I hope) a selection of articles to help you; be it army building, painting, and/or modeling. All done to a simple level.

And so the intro background bit of all blogs (go ahead and skip this as nothing usefull is here - you will have to wait until the first proper article for that 'PLASTIC PLAGUEBEAERS !!!)

Let's begin as any good tzeentch story teller would, somewhere before the end, in no order, with no road signs of a starting point... I have played my first two games, one of which was against my mortal gaming enemy (best man at my wedding) and writer over at Blood Claw, John. Which means I have built the following:

4 generic plastic heralds
20 plastic pink horrors
15 plastic plague bearers
3 plastic daemon princes

Next up will be some flesh hounds and flamers all made from plastic (and modeling putty)

Before I go one last thing. My name is Tom aka Fitzbaron and I have played Chaos Daemons since the codex came out using my square based fantasy daemon army.

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