Thursday, 7 April 2011

Plastic Daemon Prince of Nurgle - Conversion

Before I start this is not the currently available Plastic Daemon Prince (which is a nice bit of kit) but a conversion of an Orge Kingdom Bull with Chaos Spawn bits and milliputty. Why Ogre Bull and Chaos spawn kits... because in those two boxes is enough to make three unique Daemon Prince, still build the two chaos spawn and then some. Also it saves some cash'ola.

You will need the following bits:
  • Ogre Bull Body
  • Ogre Bull iron soles
  • Ogre Bull banner arm
  • Ogre bull left hand sword
  • Chaos Spawn Fly head
  • Chaos Spawn Bone wings
  • Chaos Spawn double tentacle appendage

To build:
  1. Take on ogre bull and attach metal soles.
  2. Green stuff a nice big belly.
  3. Fill down the ogre bull neck bulge flat.
  4. Fill down the fly head neck bulge flat.
  5. Attach fly head to the ogre bull neck.
  6. Cut down tentacle appendage to fit ogre bull right hand and glue on.
  7. Cut ogre sword at cross guard and glue on to  top of banner to make a scythe.
  8. Green stuff the wings on to the back of the ogre bull.
  9. Add some random greenstuff cuts to ogre bull.
   And done...

 Painting them was a bit more complicated then I was planning for this project but I will post how I did this at a later date. Suffice to say that black/brown/green washes did most of the work. All I need to do to finish him is to darken the blood a bit and base it.
Finally a bit of personal experience with this guy on the battlefield.

   The build I run is as follows:
  • Daemonic flight
  • Iron hide
  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Noxious touch
  • Breath of Chaos
  • Daemonic Gaze
It is expenisve but a great elite killer. Able to take high volume of shots before being brought down (T5, 3+/5++ save). Able to shoot both its Breath and Gaze in the same phase due to being a monstrous creature, both go through power armour like butter. In combat, noxious touch means it will be wounding on a 2+. I tend to deepstike this guy away from my main force to draw enemy elites and shooting away from objectives.
   If you ever come across a build like this my advice is to throw cheap units in his path to keep him away from your good stuff if playing objectives, or try and find ways to ignore him/slow him down if playing kill points as there tend to be easier targets to pop.

Any who I am off to finish painting two more daemon princes.

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